Alex Finch Fletchley and Ellis Finnigan // This isn’t fair anymore Ellis AU

Ellis touched the handle of the door as she pushed it open slowly. She was wary about going in. The last few hours walking around down had been spend contemplating on whether she should come back tonight or just wait till morning. She had screwed up in more ways then possible and the consequences would be dire. There was no excuse for what had done and she had no doubts her relationship would be over.

Slowly walking into the room Ellis could feel the tension immediately. Closing the door behind her she turned around to see Alex standing at the fire drink in hand. She wasn’t surprised. When everything went to crap he drank and usually got himself blind drunk, tonight however she was hoping he was at least sober enough for this conversation.

Walking towards him she stopped, silence all around the room bar the crackling off the fire that echoed of the walls. He said nothing, Ellis waited with bait of breath but nothing came.

"Alex…." She croaked again no reply, Alex shifted to through something in the fire, what it was she had no idea but something told her it was probably a picture of them or something she had given him.

Ellis walked up to touch him but he yanged his arm back from her walking away from the fireplace still not looking at her.

"I’m sorry.." She sobbed as the tears began to run down her face. That’s when she heard him laugh manically, he sounded somewhat deranged before he turned around to face her, face like thunder. He was pissed and she didn’t blame him in the slightest.

"You slept with him AGAIN!" He shouted as she jumped back.

"I… Didn’t"

"Don’t" He said holding his hand up in front of her, “Just don’t" This wasn’t the first time this conversation had been had, there relationship was complicated it always had been. But he fact of the matter was Ellis was standing in front of Alex right now and not him. That had to have accounted from something.

"I cant keep doing this Ellis" He said waving his drink around staring at her. “You cant keep doing this. YOU NEED TO PICK BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FAIR" he yelled at her making the tears fall from her eyes even faster.

Alex was right, she couldn’t keep doing this anymore it was fair on no one, someone would get hurt. Which is why she was standing here now.

"I already picked" She replied softly. There was quiet as he opened his mouth to say something then closed it again and looked away from her.

"You no where your things are, leave tonight and don’t return" Alex said turning around to walk out the door but Ellis quickly walked up to him and grabbed his arm. He didn’t pull away from her this time he turned around slowly to look at her.

Ellis sniffed with half a smile plasted on her face as she let go of his arm and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt. There was a moment of silence before she spoke.

"I picked you" her voice was so soft she wasn’t even sure that Alex had heard her.

More silence followed as Ellis looked up at him shaking her hair out of her face. Her hands slowly moving up his torso to around his neck. “I picked you Alex, because I love you” It was the first time she had said it and it seem to catch him completely off guard as he stared down at her in slight shock. Alex had told her many times that he loved her but this had been the first time in years since she had finally reciprocated it.

Leaning down he gently kissed her and that’s when Ellis knew that everything that had happen was forgiven at least she had hope it was. Ell understood that she would have to make it up to him and that it wouldn’t be this easy but right now she didn’t care, she had finally picked at that’s all that matter in that moment.

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What’s going on around here?


Yes its working

Haircut? *looks confused*

It just might be…

When you join the army, they cut your hair so its short. This was not done by choice. *points at his hair*

Track Name: Hero Of War
Artist: Rise Against

What’s going on around here?


I am amazed you haven’t passed out yet from it

So how’s training going?

You know, I’m starting to feel a little light headed.

Its going pretty well actually! I’m just trying to get used to my new haircut.

What’s going on around here?


Your looking forward to being unconscious on the ground? *laughs*


Maybe we could try mixing flavours, I know there is a store not far from here that sells it we should head down there.

I’m looking forward to see how that’s gonna happen.

That sounds like fun! Alright then, lets go! *starts walking beside her*

What’s going on around here?


Yes really and I garentee you will be passed out on the floor. *hair toss*

Yeah the generic brands which don’t taste as yummy. Give me Ben and Jerry’s any day. Chocolate fudge yep!

Alright! I’ll be looking forward to that.

Cookie dough is my favourite!

Track Name: Wonderful Life
Artist: Alter Bridge

What a wonderful life,

For as long as you’ve been at my side,

And I want you to know,

I’ve loved you so.

What’s going on around here?


Be careful I might stun you with my awesome.

Ben and Jerry’s?

Oh really? We’ll see who’ll get stunned by awesomeness.

Is there any other kind? 

What’s going on around here?


Oh I know sucks to be stuck with a stunning girl like me. The horror.

*raises eyebrow and smirks*

No! I can’t be stuck with you! Its too much! Too much!

Ice cream?

What’s going on around here?


Yep finally graduated so now your stuck with me… that is until I leave.

I don’t no you tell me, how would you like to entertain me.

Stuck with you? Damn! Talk about bad luck.

Hmm…Let me think.

What’s going on around here?


Nothing im bored entertain me


Finnigan! Hogwarts is finally over, huh?

Entertain you? How?